Kings Hill, Kent

Chris Kampf, Spiral Fern, Rustic steel on oak.
Clare Maria Wood, Surfacing, Mixed media on cradled board, 122x122cm.
Denise Harrison, Growing in the glass, Oil on canvas, 152x122cm.
Elizabeth Cooke, Harper Heron.
Jules Allan, Darker States I, Mixed media on canvas, 100x100cm.
Terri Hogan, Pool i, Mixed media on canvas, 70x70cm
Liz Somerville, Land of Nodd, Screenprint, 110x95cm

Sarah Needham, Colour Synthesis (Shock of the New) Hand mixed oil on canvas, 150×100
Sonya Walters On remembering Beth Chatto’s garden, Oil on canvas, 88x102cm.
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Control Tower Gallery
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